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About Albemarle Dental Associates

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About Albemarle Dental Associates

Albemarle Dental Associates is a dental practice that highly values its patients’ health and safety in a gentle, compassionate environment. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the practice provides patient-centric care from a team of highly specialized dentists and staff. 

Before any treatment, the team at Albemarle Dental Associates thoroughly assesses each patient with personalized testing. They offer conventional tests like digital X-rays and exams as well as specialty tests like the GEMPro home sleep analysis. Their findings drive individualized treatment that benefits the patient according to their needs. They are also one of the only practices in the area to offer dental hypnotics.

The Albemarle Dental Associates team makes preventive care a priority for every patient, regardless of age. Starting in childhood, patients can start with exceptional preventive oral care, including sealants against cavities, regular exams, teeth cleanings, and periodontal maintenance.

For common issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay, Albemarle Dental Associates provides advanced treatment like root canals, fillings, inlays and onlays, and extractions. 

A variety of gum disease treatments are available, including laser dentistry and ARESTIN®, an antibiotic applied during scaling and root planing. Emergency dentistry services are also available at any time.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures allow the team to offer patients more attractive and often more functional smiles. Teeth whitening, veneers, adhesive bonding, crowns, dental implants, and clear braces can all get patients a bit closer to a perfect balance in their smiles.

Albemarle Dental Associates values the comfort of their patients and provides several options, including some that don’t require the use of medication. 

To explore pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry services for the family, call Albemarle Dental Associates or schedule a visit online today.